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Job Announcement: Executive Director
Please email a cover letter, resume and 3 references to:
office@countyofbathchamber.org or mail to P.O. Box 718, Hot Springs, VA  24445

The County of Bath Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of businesses and individuals which seeks to:

  • Assist Bath County businesses by identifying their needs, providing support and resources, and offering networking opportunities.
  • Promote Bath County in a manner which supports the needs of Bath County businesses and encourages the economic growth of the area.

The principal role of the Executive Director is to ensure the effective operation of the Bath County Chamber of Commerce while coordinating all administrative activities, including programs events, membership, staffing, training, and supervision of volunteers.  The Executive Director also provides the leadership and organizational skills to unite the businesses throughout the region and to develop plans to promote businesses.

The salary is competitive for this part-time year-round position.

Job Description: Executive Director

Responsible to:          Chamber Board of Directors

Reports to:                 Chamber President

Purpose:                     Day to day operation of the business of the County of Bath Chamber of Commerce within approved Chamber policy, business/financial plans and budget.

Supervises:                 All full and part time employees of the Chamber office when applicable

Overall Responsibilities:

The Executive Director serves as chief executive and administrative officer of the Chamber and over sees all the functions of the office and the organization.  While the majority of the functions of the chamber are carried out by the volunteer base, the Executive Director serves as coordinator, advisor and member advocate

Duties and Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Executive Director include, but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • Coordination and implementation of activities of the Chamber’s projects and committees:
  1. The Executive Director is responsible to oversee the coordination of all existing operation of the Chamber which includes but is not limited to business promotions, monthly membership newsletter, website maintenance, ambassador program and businesses forums.
  2. Additionally, the Board of Directors holds a strategic planning meeting annually to determine the goals of the organization for the upcoming year and beyond. The Executive Director will act as the chief coordinator of the plan of work with the assistance of at least one board member per committee or project.  This board member will act as a liaison between the board and the committee.  Together, the Executive Director and board liaison will guide the process of completing the projects and/or goals.
  3. In accordance with the by-laws, the Executive Director, with the assistance of staff, organizes meetings, ensures members are notified, and assists the committees in carrying out the mission of the group.
  4. Suggestions and ideas for activities or projects outside the scope of the plan of work which require significant staff time or unbudgeted funds shall require the approval of the Board of Directors.
  5. Volunteers are a necessity in the success of the Chamber. The Executive Director, with assistance of staff and board members, shall seek out volunteers with interest and skills applicable to the task at hand.
  6. Coordinate and assist the board in the design and execution of projects and events to enhance the community and encourage trade, tourism and industry in the County of Bath.
  7. Assist committee co-chairs with critical timelines; provide necessary and appropriate support; participate in all chamber sponsored events.
  8. Coordinate ribbon cuttings, open houses, monthly networks and other chamber events.
  9. Maintain and update program binders for each of the chamber’s major events; make sure next year’s committee chairs have access to the information.
  • Organizational structure and procedures
  1. a) The Executive Director shall operate the organization in accordance with the by-laws.
  2. b) The Executive Director is responsible to ensure that proper procedures are utilized, as established by the by-laws.  When the by-laws do not address a procedure; the Executive Director shall then act in accordance to the Executive Committee’s direction.
  3. c) Review and recommend modification of policies and bylaw changes as necessary.
  4. d) Review, evaluate and carry out existing policies.  Develop and

recommend new policies and long range operating plans.

  1. e) Coordinate elections of board members and make recommendations to

fill vacant board positions.

  1. f) Schedule and/or attend meeting of various groups within the business

community when such meeting may involve or affect the purpose and

function of the Chamber or projects related to the chamber; report

involvement/developments to the board

3)  Monitor income and expenditures.

  1. a) The Executive Director will oversee multiple streams of income and

expenditures involving multiple bank accounts owned by the Chamber.

  1. b) The Executive Director will ensure compliance with all agreements with

the County of Bath Tourism Department and provide the Board of

Directors with timely reports on the status of goals and objectives

related to the agreement.

  1. c) The Executive Director with the assistance and input of the Executive

Committee and the Treasure, will establish an annual operating

budget, to be submitted to the Board for approval prior to the

deadline of County of Bath budget request.

  1. d) The Executive Director shall ensure that all tax to include payroll

taxes are paid and applicable reports are filed on time with the taxing


  1. e) The Executive Director shall ensure that expenditures will be within

the scope of the budget, unless otherwise approved by the Board of


  1. f) The Executive Director shall seek out and receive ideas for additional

sources of income.

  1. g) When necessary, the Executive Director and Treasure shall seek out

the assistance of a professional accountant to ensure proper accounting

procedures are being used.

4)  Maintenance of membership and records

  1. a) The Executive Director shall be responsible for establishing programs

for membership recruitment and retention.

  1. b) Regularly scheduled membership visits shall be coordinated by the

Executive Director on a regular basis.

  1. c) A membership database shall be maintained with essential membership

information, including but not limited to full business name,

owner/manager, mailing and physical addresses, other contact

information and the year membership started.

  1. d) Facilitate a visitation program with existing and new businesses to

increase membership, address concerns and encourage active

participation at Chamber membership events.

  1. e) Assist the Board in the development of program and events to attract

new members consistent with established Chamber policy.

  1. f) Establish a personal rapport with potential members through regular

calls and visits.

  1. g) Conduct a needs assessment of non-members and recommend solutions

within the scope of the Chamber.

  1. h) Set goals for acquiring new members and provide a monthly report to

the Board on the number and status of those activities.

5)  Hire, supervise, train and review of office staff.

  1. a) The Executive Director is responsible for the hiring, supervision and

training of office.

  1. b) The Executive Director of the Chamber shall be responsible for hiring, training, supervising, termination and reviewing the office staff regarding the procedures and expectations of the Chamber as well as maintaining accurate employment records.

6)  Maintenance of office.

  1. a) The Executive Director shall be responsible to ensure the office and

equipment are maintained appropriately.

7)  Community and Public Relations

  1. a) Maintain a close relationship with County Officials, County Supervisors

and area State Representatives and Senators.

  1. b) Participate in community activities to contribute a positive image of

the Chamber of Commerce.  Participate in activities of the Chamber of

Commerce, County Board of Supervisors meetings and other events as

appropriate and when requested.

  1. c) Notify officials of relevant Chamber activities.
  2. d) Inform the media of Chamber events and note worthy news to promote

the Chamber.  Issue press releases and letters to the local press,

business clients and public officials.

  1. e) Perform public relations duties and public speaking related to the

Chamber’s interests.

  1. f) Assist with the gathering, writing, publishing and distribution of the

monthly newsletter.

  1. g) Assist with the maintenance of the Chamber’s website and community

calendar; distribute that information various means such as

newsletters, emails, etc.

  1. h) Develop publications, brochures, member materials and promotional

literature for the Chamber.

  1. i) Seek opportunities to list chamber and business events in

calendars, appropriate publications and websites.

8)  Any assignments deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

Hours: Part-time hourly: 32 hours per week. Some weekend and evening work required.

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