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Acorn Defense Systems

Membership level: 1-12 Employees

Category: Retail & Shopping

First name: Tom

Last name: Richardson

Phone: 540-608-2090

Physical Address:

10101 Jackson River Turnpike

Physical City: Bacova

Physical State: VA

Physical Zip Code: 24412

Business Hours: Always open for business


Acorn Defense Systems (LLC) is a Bath County company that focuses on being a reseller for Byrna, Inc, a manufacturer of “less than lethal” defensive products that offer an alternative to the use of deadly force. A fairly new technology with its roots in the world of paintball guns, Byrna makes powerful launchers that can fire either ‘kinetic’ (hard plastic) or ‘chemical’ (tear gas and pepper spray) rounds with remarkable effectiveness to deter attackers (human or animal). Because these launchers are NOT classified as firearms, they are legal in all 50 states, and require NO licensing or background checks to purchase. Acorn Defense Systems advises security guard companies, police departments, and other law enforcement agencies in the purchase and use of these remarkable weapons that have the potential to save many lives if properly utilized.”